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As an emerging market, Africa is the next big thing; the continent is ripe and ready for companies looking to expand their businesses and explore new markets.

We aim to partner and/or become agents of businesses, and leverage our knowledge and distribution network in more stable and big African markets.

We also represent African entrepreneurs hoping to introduce their products and services on the global stage.

How can we help you?

With our broad-based network and contacts in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia, we can help you with:

  • finding suppliers from high-quality, low-cost markets
  • expanding your business into new and emerging markets
  • assisting in sourcing, purchasing and arrangment of shipping
  • representing your business in the local market (in the EU as well as Africa) via a distributorship or a partnership among others.


Cars and parts

Looking for a car or parts?



African Clothing and Artwork

We have a network of manufacturers and makers of African clothing and artwork.


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We also trade in a broad range of other products, including foods and household goods.

As general merchants, we deal in all sectors and products so come

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